The Pirouette

Sometimes I wonder….

Can I have a normal conversation without inserting slight tidbits of sarcasm and why would you say that type things?

The answer is…


Here is a snipit of a back n forth between my younger than me wife and I from last night…while we had guests over-

Her- tomorrow a few of the girls are coming over.

Me- why?

Her- I’m going help 1 study, guide 2 through some step work, and 3 will be here because she is new to sobriety. I will be pirouetting between the 3.

Me- you’ll be what?

Her- pirouetting….its a ballet move like this..

Disclaimer-not my wife pirouetting…


Her- you do?

Me- yes…once when I was I teen I went to see “the nutcracker”. I thought it was going to be porn….I was sorely mistaken…