To The Z

Kids and money.

If you have one, you don’t have the other.


If you are lucky a step parent as I am, then you are raising a step child that is old enough to have a job that allows him to earn his own money.


Just because he has a job that doesn’t mean he ever has any money.

He has stuff and things that he has to have.

-a obnoxious stereo for his truck
-ridiculously sized speakers for said stereo
-enough dr. Pepper to drown a small nation
-being big pimpin’ in front of his friends by buying them stuff because surprisingly…they don’t have any money.

He often comes to us for help.

He says-

“I need gas for my truck or I won’t be able to get to school or work.”

I say-

“Didn’t you just get paid yesterday?”

He says-


Translation- he didn’t say anything.

I say-

“You know, son. Your mother and I work very hard and have a lot of things to pay for. Bills, food, car payments, mortgage, braces for your sister, vehicle maintenance, insurance and all kinds of unexpected expenses that pop up regularly. We have to budget our money to make it possible for we, as a family, to survive.”

He says,

“But you all make more than me. I can’t expect to be able to drive my truck AND put gas in it……”

I roll my eyes and say,

“If you are having gas problems….I feel bad for you son. I got 99 problems but your gas ain’t one.”