Do The Due

I am not a school project kind of guy….come to think of it…I’m not even a school kind of guy. I got out of high school many years ago and have had no class ever since.

Wait…that didn’t come out quite the way I planned.

Bah…I will just roll with it.


My teenage stepson had a physics project to do and was due yesterday.

That makes it overdue.

So…I did what I said I would never do.

I dood it for him.

Damn…I should have stayed in school.

It ain’t purty…but it does what it is supposed to do.

I bring you the

“Good2begone Mousetrap Catapult”

Where our motto is…

If you don’t feel right killin’ it…launch it.

Just place the furry little nuisance on the wooden spoon, pull the spoon back (which is duct taped to the tension spring) let go of mouse and spoon when desired tension is reached and…..


The sucker can be sent to the neighbors house.

Problem solved.

I should have been a scientist.

(I was not able to upload the video but just picture a mouse flying across our front room….and my wife and daughter screaming….)

Class dismissed.