The Red Dawn

Breaking the horizon

To bring technicolor

Upon the dark side

Of the blue marble


The Wall of Oval Drops

He thought he could walk on water
Until he almost drown

He thought he could fly
But fear of heights held him down

Eventhough he was wrong
He tried to prove himself right

Should have walked away
But thought he could fight

He couldn’t wait to get older
To be on his own

Walk a straight line
A youth to atone

Everyone said-
A failure you’ll be

You cant chase a dream
When yourself…you can’t see

Blinded by I told you so and
I’ll prove you wrong

He set off into the world
To create his own song

He failed a bit here
And just trudged ahead

Succeeded over there
Gaining traction and tread

In the end, his dream
Didnt involve money or fame

Payback, I showed you
Or laying stake to a claim

It was about knowing
He be ok on the inside

When he followed his heart
Instead of someone else’s eyes

Street art-Chicago, Illinois. Pic by good2begone

The Day Dream

Never leave

When the sun shines so bright

When the trees are in bloom

And the birds dance in flight

Only leave

When the air has a bitter chill

When the trees will be bare

The sun soaring alone and still

The nights are left for me

To ponder and dream

Of what it would be like

To have you long enough

To either

Stay or leave.