The Ascention

The heavens will fall
To cleanse the sins
Of the sphere

Darkness will reign
Soon after the angels
Will appear

The crimes of man
Defended by
The gods

Good versus evil
Broad wings against
Lightning rods

There will be
No winners
That much is clear

Waging war to gain peace
Is much like seeking
Serenity through fear.



The Cent Of Change

A coin dropped in water
Over the shoulder
And into the well

Released with a wish
And a promise
Shh…don’t ever tell

Silver and copper gleaming
Under translucent
Waves of blue

Dreams of calmer waters
Tides of change
Of peace, well over due

The water keeps rising
From the weight
Of wishing change

Copper hopes
Visions on silver
Drowning in a cage

Nickel, penny, quarter
Stop on a dime
Flick in a dream

Coins can’t speak the wish
The shield of water
Yields no scream.


View From The Stop

Inner screams can be heard
Without the utter of a sound.

The boiling point of life heightens
When the small things compound.

Before the bough breaks
Or the cradle of sanity falls,

A step away is needed
Peace of mind still calls.

A getaway to nowhere
A place to calmly gather thoughts

Cell phones get no reception
A place where modern conveniences are not sought.

A stop between cities
Miles from deadlines and bills

Just a bench and an awning
Tucked just off the road up in the hills.

Take a seat and breathe
Let the wind brush your face.

Let life slow down,
Recharge the soul by letting nature set the pace.