It’s A Living

I often get asked-

“What is it you do when you are not here annoying us?”

It’s a valid question. Although, I think the word annoying is quite harsh. I prefer the term “painfully inquisitive”.

But that is neither here or there.

I usually respond with-

“I work in construction.”

Inevitably, the next question is-

“Do you know the guy from the Village People…you know….the construction worker?”


Why would I know that guy? I don’t even think he uses his hammer the same way I do…..

And I don’t break out into song and dance on the job….

Ok…so I do….but not to disco and none of my other co workers join in when I do.

They just looked at me and ask,

“Did you used to eat glue as a kid?”

I didn’t by the way. I just like the way it smelled.

Anyway, here is what I do-
I turn this>


Into this>


I was never even “In The Navy”

I also have been known to do this>


I never wanted to be a “Macho Man”

I apologize if I floor you with the next picture.


When given the time I like to create rooms like this>


Won’t find that at the “YMCA”.

Currently I am engulfed in building a custom dual entry shower with his and her separate shower heads and valves.


That’s a curved wall that will have custom glass entrances from both sides. The other is the floor of the shower. Yeah, I know it’s dirty….but it’s not done yet….

To recap. I am not-


Not do I work with any of his band mates-


I’m this guy>


And I have a nail gun…and I’m not afraid to use it.