Confuscious Is Confused

The nonsense Song– For maximum effect of the following nonsense, please enjoy this 49 second video prior to reading.


The vacuum is fiiled with lint

There is dog hair rolling on the floor

I should have left “the furious 4” outside

But their company I do adore.


The daschund mix left me a present in the hall

The chihuahua chewed on a chair

The sheltie is old and needy

And the wolf just glares at me with a smile and a stare.


The laundry is not done

The dishes they are a plenty

The “4” are now outside

But what the hell is that scent(y)?


I’m not a good rhymer

That bare wall could use some primer

The slow drain of my brain has begun.


Blues playing on the box

I’m not sly as a fox

This post will not be undone.


I must get off this computer

I wish I owned a scooter

Attila, I hear was a Hun.