Screen Break

We don’t own a television.

Yes, you read that right. We just don’t.

Whenever someone comes over the first thing said is….where’s your TV?

We haven’t always been tvless.

But, for the last 12 years we have been.

It started as a gotta drop some bills issue.

It was purely a cost saving measure.

My wife needed to finish her degree without the hassle of also working 40 hours a week.

So I worked 2 jobs, which eventually turned into 1 to help her achieve her goal.

No TV was rough….for a while.

But, eventually we all just got busy doing other things instead of zoning out on a large screen.

We had Netflix for a while but all those choices and really nothing to watch.

The deal is once we went without….we didn’t miss it.

For sports I read about it the next day. I’m not much into them anyway.

The truth is….for me…I have enough drama, comedy, horror, romance, and well….reality in my own life.

It’s kind of strange to watch scripted acted lives where everything has a happy ending and perfectly clean homes. And dopey dad’s and socialite moms and blah blah blah when it’s just not entertaining anymore.

So instead…we communicate with each other and enjoy each other company.

It works for us.

We dont even go to movies.

The last time I went to the theater was to see the Man of Steel. You know Superman.

Wanna know what thought of it…

It was better when I saw in the late ’70’s.

Everything is a remake.

No Bueno for me.

No TV or movies isn’t for everyone but for us it keeps us engaged with our reality instead of what TV tells is is reality.

Engage laugh track and audience clapping.