Nails, He Said I Said, Skyfall, and 70’s TV

Any who thinks remodeling their home is as seamless and smooth as any number of television shows make it seem is living in some other dimension.

Things always happen.


Sometimes it’s the homeowner who saw Vanilla Ice remodel a home in a few episodes and believes it should be done in that amount of time…


Thinks because they watched that show it makes them qualified to decide what walls need to be taken out to expand a room.

Sometimes it’s the contractor and their crew who create more work at no charge by damaging parts of a room that was not supposed to be involved in the renovation.

Stuff happens….on both sides of the fence…or coin…or business relationship.

(Insert whichever adage suits you best)

Day 2 of our attic renovation contained elements of both.


This attic has an enormous amount of lumber attached to help brace the ceiling.

2 by 4’s, 2 by 6, 2 by 8, 2 by 10, and 2 by 12’s….all over the freaking place.

It’s like a lumber monster was living up there and puked up every size board EVER made….and then crapped out enough nails to build an Ark.

Either that or the contractor gave his nearly blind employee a nail gun and said,

“Go shoot a few thousands nails into whatever boards you want. Just make sure that you shoot often and with with no sense or care how many end up in almost the same spot. Even if they don’t connect one board to another. Just….shoot.”

The first half of the day was spent bracing the ceiling properly and getting rid of the excess.

I that process, one of my fellow employees stepped on boards that went through his shoe and foot…more than once.

He is a lot like me….just pulled it out and limped back to work.


My bosses left the property to talk money issues concerning the job. Once we got to the job, the customer began asking for more than the original contract.

It happens often.

No problem. They deal with that, not me.

While they were gone. The customer started telling me to take out wall studs that he said would be in the way of the stairs we were going to install.

I said,


He said,

“Then give me the hammer and I will do it. We need to get this job going.”

I said,

“Sir, I respect that this is your home. BUT….the studs you are wanting to take out are also supporting the corner of the platform that stands above us. If these come out….the room comes down. So….no.”

He said,

“No you are wrong and I am going to take them out.”

And he took the hammer out of my hand and began to bang the bottom out of place.

As he banged it out. He heard the ceiling creak.

I stepped back a few steps and crossed my arms.

He said,

“Is that happening because I’m taking this out?”

I said,


He said,

“Can you put it back?”

I said,

“If you give me the hammer and walk away, I can.”


Getting in a hurry is never a good idea.

Walking on attic rafters is not pleasant nor is it safe if you move too fast or do not watch where you are stepping.

As a result of being in a hurry my boss fell hallway through the roof of one of the bedrooms.

Added work…NO CHARGE!

Another employee went through the ceiling over the front porch.

Once again….added work. No charge.

Chicken little was nowhere to be seen.

Luckily, no serious injuries either….unless you count bruised egos.

70’s TV

Despite the troubles of the day…it was productive and we all survived.

After a long 12 hour day, we ate and headed back to the hotel for some R & R.

I’m not a TV watcher but the guys I’m rooming with are. They settled on a channel that ran nothing but old shows from the seventies.

Here is what I learned from tonight’s episodes-

1- Farrah Fawcett’s character on Charlie’s Angels does not own a bra and although the show is based in California the weather always seems to be sunny yet nippely.

2-The bionic woman’s super hearing does not work unless she moves her feathered hair out of the way, exposing her ear. Aqua Net must cause interference.

4- Colonel Steve Austin aka the six million dollar man needs to utilize more buttons for his huge lapel shirts.

5- All the commercials that air during the breaks have to go with falling and not being able to get up….mocking us poor non bionic souls who stay up way too late to watch really crappy old…really old tv shows.

That. Is. All.