Yin Yang Bang Bang

Just like the old saying goes-

When the wife is away, the husband will redecorate.

No….that’s not it.

Maybe it’s this one-

A happy wife needs a happy home and to make the home happy the husband needs to redecorate.

I don’t know what it is…..

What I do know, is my wife is gone for the weekend. I’m taking that time to change some stuff.

Without authorization or supervision.

I can’t speak for any other husbands…I can barely stand up for myself….but I usually have a quite extensive list of “honey do’s”.

Being a tradesman in the remodeling and construction business makes that list even longer.


Because being infected with that talent and skill set means that this question will always come up from the other wearer of the ring-

“How come you always have time to make everybody else’s homes look great but ours hasn’t changed?”

The answer I keep to myself is-

“Because they pay me.”

Notice I keep that to myself. I may be a smart ass….but I am not dumb.

Here is our front room.


It hasn’t been changed since before we got hitched, over 5 years ago.

As I said, she is away for the weekend. My stepson is staying at his Dad’s for a while and my stepdaughter was doing her drill team duties for Friday night football and wouldn’t be back until almost 3 in the morning.

Instead of taking the opportunity to sit around in my underwear all night replaying the “Risky Business” scene all night,

“Just take those old records off the shelf….”

I decided to reap some havoc and dally with the color scheme of the main room.

It was time to-

“Add some fab to the drab”

As any decorator knows, the colors don’t really matter….It’s the name of the colors that do the talking.

I decided to pick out names that spoke to each of my sides…my yin and yang.

My masculine side chose “antique tin” for use on the accent wall.

My anti masculine side chose “French silk” for the main color of the room.

And what do ya know….


By 2 am, it looked like this-



(Chihuahua is real…not for decorative purposes)

Just like the old saying goes-

One small step to make the wife happy.

One giant leap for husband kind.