Covered On Sunday-Spinning Ukelele’s

It’s the classic tale of boy meets girl, boy is too nerdy to go after girl, other nerdy boy is actually superhero who gets girl while wearing spandex and a cape but can’t tell girl he really needs corrective eye surgery without the cape.

Ahh…the trials of comic book love. Not much different from real life. Except in real life, there are more Jimmy Olsen’s then their are Supermen.

The ones who dream of getting the girl and concoct elaborate plans to get the girl by jinxing the guy in the cape who the girl is falling for.

Jimmy Olsen gots da blues.

He also has a pocket full of kryptonite to get rid of the guy that the girl he believes should be his is drooling over.

Still confused?

You won’t be after watching this-

The Spin Doctors- “Jimmy Olsen’s Blues”

There is really only one way to cover a song about a fictional beloved superhero and the dual life he leads to be able to remain fictional….and beloved….

People in costume masks and Hawaiian shirts playing ukelele’s.

The joy in writing that sentence made me pee myself a little.

Here is my dream come true.

The Southeast Ukers jamming at Galactic Quest Comics & Games covering- “Jimmy Olsen’s Blues”.

Spin Doctors… have been covered on Sunday.


Covered On Sunday-Audio Estrogen Edition

Usually when I choose a song for this post, it’s a laborious, time consuming, need a blood transfusion when I’m done kind of post…..

Who am I kidding, I just think of a song I like, get on youtube and search for a cover version.

This week I venture back to the heyday of the ’80’s at the height of one bands career.

The Police.

Sting and the boys stung the music world for quite some time. The threesome had many hits and ruled the pop charts.

None more so than the album


My favorite from that LP is King of Pain

Here they are from 1986, complete with audience participation.

There were many covers to choose from, most were awful. I will not post the awful but I will list 2 of them-

Lady Ga Ga


They were just not my sort of pain….

The version I chose was by Alanis Morissette, the queen of Audio Estrogen.

What the hell is audio estrogen, you ask?

Click “here” to get acquainted.

Now that you are empowered enough to listen to her version….

Here it is-

You oughta know why she is the queen of pain…..must be those jagged little pills….

And that was your estrogen filled eargasm of the week…..your welcome.

The Police….you have been covered on Sunday.

Covered On Sunday-A Little “C & A”

There are many of us who have indulged in the decadent pleasures of a little “C & A”.

It helps to blow off steam, relieve stress, forget where the car is parked and partake in the glorious walk of shame after a night….or nights of overdoing it.

Musically speaking, Oasis, wrote a song about it called “Cigarettes and Alcohol”

As far as the band of brothers goes, they were the self proclaimed biggest act to come out of England since The Beatles.

This song, as the band of brothers say, is the biggest rock anthem of the last 25 years.

They are big on self promotion….and coincidentally bigger on self destruction. Their brothers in arms had them mostly around each other’s necks for a better part of their glory years.

Brotherly love on display for all the world to see…..

I honestly did not know they wrote this jam…..

Which shows with as much as I think I know about music….how little I really know.

Here is a grand stadium version of the greatest rock anthem of the last 25 years from the greatest band since the Beatles-

I was surprised to know that very few covers of this song are on youtube.

The one I knew about is the one I chose.

He has conquered many changes in the music business since he came to fame in the ’60’s. Prevailing through the disco, new wave, pop, classic rock and even Motown.

All without ever changing his hairstyle once.

“Rod the Mod”

Why would an artist who is known for the infatuation of the hot legs of Maggie May cover a song from a feuding brothers alternative band from the ’90’s?

Because he is Rod Stewart and he does what he wants.

Oasis… have been covered on Sunday.