The Earful

I do not like to deprive my eardrums. Therefore, I prefer to keep music on as much as possible.

With no music, my ears would be forced to listen to the various voices and personalities that live in the cranium above.

My ears do not approve of that.

The cranium crew decides what music to play.

To keep the crew happy, variety is needed. Technology is a great help in this area. The App Store for iPhones has many choices…..I have tried them all.

At least all the free ones.

Currently, I use Songza.

It has the most choices and variety.

It keeps me from pulling an Amanda Bynes and going all 5150 at retirement homes in our area.

I can listen to almost any genre of music, at least for a little while.

Last night, I ventured into unchartered territory with some of my choices. Here are a few of them…

Meditation sounds “crackling fire”

It is what it says. How anyone could possibly be calm when it sounds like burning embers are popping out of the fireplace and burning the carpet is beyond me.

Meditation sounds “storm sounds”

Listening to that made me think lightning was going to hit the tree outside and crush my wife’s new car.
Not very relaxing.


Like listening to a poetry slam for depressed people….with a piano playing in the background.

Movie soundtracks

Continuous Hans Zimmergasms. Yeah, not for me, thanks.

Japanese bubble gum pop music.

I didn’t know this existed…thanks songza my ears will never be the same….in any language.

As I am listening and changing stations and listening and changing stations I look at my Chihuahua who is faithfully by my side.

She has had her ears covered since the music started playing.

I then tested a theory…

I changed the app to the Funk of the ’70’s station and looked at her again once the music started.

James Brown was on, funking it up with “Superbad“.

The paw came off the ear. She sat up and licked my ear. Then laid back down and went to sleep.

Good dog.