Covered On Sunday-Up The Irons

Longevity in the music business is harder to accomplish than trying to staple jello to a tree……it’s a rare feat.

But it happens.

It is even harder to stick around when your music is rarely heard on the radio or garnishes attention from the “critics” who make their living deciding what is worth listening to.

But it happens.

One band has been together since 1975……that is almost 4 decades.

As of 2010- over 85 MILLION records sold and have played well over 2000 live shows.

They have survived disco, punk, new wave, hair metal, grunge, bubblegum pop, hip hop, rap… 40 years you can pretty much surpass whoever you want.

Iron Maiden.

The greatest 3 guitarist band on the globe.

They are troopers.

Here they are…live, playing “The Trooper”

You would think that all I could find would be heavy metal covers for this song….

Oh contrare monfrare.

This band is respected across the spectrum.

For cover 1, I decided to add some freaking culture to your Sunday. I will quit harping about it and just give ya the goods-

For cover 2, we go all backwoods on ya with Steve ‘n Seagulls-

IRON MAIDEN… have been covered on Sunday…..twice.