Baker’s Doesn’t

There is a man’s way of dealing with issues, and then there is the woman’s way.


(last time I was allowed to check)

am a man.

I eat meat. I pee standing up. I fart at inappropriate times. I deal with things by going to work and smashing things with hammers until I am calm enough to be considered a rational adult.

My wife is a woman. When she gets all

“Up in her head”

And on the brink of emotionality about issues….

She bakes.


This was a holiday weekend which means there was no escape for me.

Which, incidentally means I had to either conjure up my feminine side and be willing to talk about the issues that were damn near forcing droplets of salted water out of her tear ducts


do the other thing and follow her around like a puppy and agree to her every command.

Seeing how I was the rational one, at that very moment, I chose the other thing.

And once the commands started I took on a familiar look in my eyes….

The overwhelmed husband looking at the obscene gluten free shopping list look.

My wife has needs.

What she doesn’t need is gluten.

Shopping for non gluten items in a small town is like being on a penguin hunt in the desert.

Once I returned from shopping the baking began.

By Sunday evening, here is what she baked.

Bread. Tortillas. Cheezits. Bundt cake. Cupcakes. Donuts.

All gluten free,

All weekend.

Here is what a man looks like after a weekend of gluten free baking.

My bundt is worn out.


She feels better about whatever was on spin cycle in her head.

And in my world of marital bliss….

When the wife is happy,

the rest is a piece of cake.

Her side of the story can be found at her blog site. The title of “her side” is

Memorial Day Blues

Her writing is a tad bit more refined than mine…..