The Moments

Life is is full of unforgettable moments.

For me, being a grandparent has brought a lot of them.

It’s too cold to go outside this weekend. The kids and I have been cooped up inside.

We played Power Rangers vs. Zombies or them vs. me….I guess zombies is another word for old.

Movies were watched.

Naps were taken.


Ideas were running thin.

To avoid meltdowns….I had to think of something.

Luckily, they like button pushing…. figuratively and literally..

So, with that in mind. My lightbulb went on.

Here’s a short snippet of the result-

I love those boys.


The Hands On

We got to unexpectedly spend time with the grandkids today.

It was so unexpected that we had nothing planned to do.

So what did we do when we had nothing to do?

We found something to do.

That’s what grandparents do.

I found a discarded table by the dumpster this morning. I figured I could make something out of it. A little beat up but whatever.

The boys wanted to paint.


We decided to allow them to paint the table.

However they wanted with any and all colors that we had available.

We stripped them down to underwear….



And went to work-

They are 4 and 2 and not surprising like to get into paint.

Of course I got involved. I couldn’t let them have all the fun.

After we finished with the fifty eleven different colors that went on and all mixed together, we let it dry.

I then put some leg braces about a foot down from the top and painted those.

Then brought out the black to personalize our creation with our handprints.

The hands of the boys and Nona And Papi

Three some polyurethane to protect our artwork and brought it in to display in our main room.

Total cost….nothing

But priceless memories and something we can talk about for years to come.

Being a grandparent sure is…..


The Angel’s Game

Don’t put that in your nose
Just say yes sir
Where are your clothes

Turn off the water
Those are on the wrong feet
I don’t know if starfish fart
Ugh..that’s dog poop not a treat

Don’t run in the house
Please sit on the couch
Really…that’s a hat
Don’t do that…ouch

You ready for a nap
No…the tv’s broke
You need a new diaper
I think I’m gonna choke

Your momma is here
It’s time to leave
Of course, he’s been an angel
I would never aim to decieve


A rush of blood
From the heart
To the brain

The pulse quickens
Words won’t form
Tongue goes lame

Focus is off
Daily routine
Tough to sustain

Her scent of perfume
Lingers and pulls
Like a chain

Heart to heart
Beat for beat
Walking hand in hand

Two souls bond
Each wear
A silver band

Two bond as one
9 months adds another
Life to maintain

Focus is off
Daily routine
Tough to sustain

The scent of child
Lingers and pulls
Like a chain

One more added heart
One more beat
Family to maintain

Months turn to years
Mother and father
Get grand

Love keeps them
Hand in hand.


The Flight

The word is used loosely
And thrown around
Like a plane made of paper

To get to know and
Learn about the person
Would sure make it safer

Use it too soon
And the shape of it
Will break

Using it unwisely
Places fragile emotions
At stake

Taking flight
In the classrooms
With sex being the prize

By the time new life
Is the result
It was too late to realize

It’s all we need
It’s in the air
Occasionally at first sight

It’s been known to hurt
And when gone it bites
It turns you around alright

When it sails right
The scent of love
Is sweet

Life in the clouds
With someone as copilot
Is a miraculous feat.