Shadow Talk


Where you been?
-I’ve been around…
-You’ve been around somewhere…but haven’t been here in weeks…what gives?
You used to come here and write about all the nothin’ going on….
-Yeah…I know…..It’s just hard to put some of it into words.
-So….instead of trying to get it out,  you choose to let it fester in what’s left of what you call a brain? That’s not very bright. 
-Alright…alright….here is what has been going on….in no particular order.

The life that I have called serene for the last 4 years is no longer serene. 

For starters, I have 2 bosses.

One boss, who also happens to be one of my best friends,  is in rehab. The other boss, who happens to be the other of my best friends, is maintaining his sanity by smoking the gonja. We all got sober within a year of each other.  The boss in rehab has successfully put not only the company finances but his personal ones as well on life support, as, well as his marriage and  family. He is not in finance rehab…he is in rehab for attempting to drink himself to death.
The other is doing his best to keep us working and keep the company afloat while, also dealing with the other boss, who happens to be his older brother.


My home life is strained. I have tried real hard to keep work and home separate. The stress from one has drained into the other causing a vacuum effect.

I am a intoverted, private, keep things to myself kind of guy.

The true friends I have, I can count on one hand…..with digits left over.

I socialize with others as infrequently as humanly possible and trust about next to no one beside the ones I call true friends.

As the free digits one my one hand increase….my trust travels in the other direction.

If I get any more introverted, I might just vote myself off the island I gave created for me, myself and I.


One of the other employees I work with broke out my back windshield on my truck.  I don’t have idiot coverage.



-You want more or will that work for now?

-No…I think that’s good for now.

-Thanks….It’s good to vent every now and then.