Letter Point

The most efficient way to reach point B from point A is a straight line. Which is true in some cases-

The asteroid that took out the dinosaurs

The bullet that ended the life of a world leader

The dart that hit the bullseye

Get the point as quickly and efficiently as possible.

But a lie can travel from a-z and back again before the truth can ever get to c.

The O,M,G’s and R,O,T,F,L,M,A,O’s of a lie get more traction than the A,B,C’s of the truth.

T,B,H the truth is non dramatic, straightforward…to the point.

The lie is W,T,F and N,S,F,W…..click bait. It makes the brain tingle with wonder.

The truth induces the ZZZ.

The end of the line. It is what it is.

While a lie is the winding road of the S.

A new twist around every curve.

I don’t know which path you choose….

But now you know some of my A,B,C’s I’ll let you figure out if ya wanna sing with me.