The Panty Drop

Sometimes I give my stepson a bad rap. I complain about his antics, rant about his attitude and might be giving the impression that I don’t treat him as I should.

Oh contrare monfrare.

He is a great kid and I love him dearly.

But….he is a boy and is a teenager to boot.

I used to be a boy and a teenager.

Wait…that didn’t come out like I planned.

So…pretty much anything he is doing….I have done and usually with much worse consequences than he has received.

Therefore, I do not want him to make the same mistakes that I have…if that’s possible.

Every once in a while, he has an experience that I was not blessed with having.

Today was that once in a while.

He always asks how my day was after I get home from work.

I usually say-

“Be glad you don’t do what I do….”

(He works in a grocery store, I work in construction.)

And then I will tell him why my job occasionally sucks.

Today, I received a text from him that said,

And sends this picture-

Oh yeah….panties in the grocery store bathroom.

I’m proud of you son.

Days as bad as this are hard to come by…..but well worth telling me about.