End Of The Lone

50 years ago, a president was assassinated. Shortly afterward, the man who was believed to be responsible was captured.

Then gunned down.

Both deaths captured on film.

Both tied to conspiracy.

Was there a shooter from the grassy knoll?

Did the assassin work alone?

Was the assassins assassin just a restaurant owner who did what many others only thought of doing?

Before a nation was allowed to properly grieve and hope for justice for their beloved president….

a lone gunman silenced a lone gunman,

And left a nation in stunned silence…..

To grieve alone.

I was not even alive when these events occurred, but it is important to me, as a citizen of this country, to know the events, good and bad, that have shaped the nation that I call home.

I am not only an American, I am a Texan, which forever ties my neighbors and myself to this tragedy.

I have been to the memorial in downtown Dallas, I have taken the tour of that fateful day and the events that surrounded it and have no opinion or conclusion on what “really happened”.

All I can say, is I believe that these events had an effect on the collective of our country that has never been resolved.

I came across this newspaper in a second hand store a few years ago.

Today is the anniversary of the day the lone gunman killed the lone assassin.

This newspaper marks the end of the lone.