“From the cab stepped a tall old man. Black raincoat and hat and a battered valise. He paid the driver, then turned and stood motionless, staring at the house. The cab pulled away and rounded the corner of Thirty-sixty Street. Kinderman quickly pulled out to follow. As he turned the corner, he noticed that the tall old man hadn’t moved but was standing under the streetlight glow, in mist, like a melancholy traveler frozen in time.”

The Exorcist (the novel not the flick)

Author-William Peter Blatty

adjective the impression that something bad or unpleasant is going to happen; threatening; inauspicious.
“there were ominous dark clouds gathering overhead”

synonyms: threatening, menacing, baleful, forbidding, sinister, inauspicious, unpropitious, unfavorable, unpromising