The Driftwood Bench

Strangely enough, I found myself with some free time last weekend.

And what does good2begone do when he has free time?


I had a driftwood log that had been sitting around until I figured out what to do with it.

I figured I would just chainsaw it up to see what I had.

What I ended up with was 3 small slab pieces of various sizes.

I decided to make a bench.

Why?…cuz why not.

I wanted to make it so I had one to use for when I practice guitar and play stuff for the grandkids.

I sanded it to get the chainsaw marks out.

Drilled 3 holes through the bottom about an inch into the wood to glue the legs.

Then, crested a frame around the top and bottom for strength and to keep it from wobbling.

Then polyurethane on top.

Here is how it turned out.

It an interesting cut of wood to say the least. It has valleys and caverns and different deformities throughout that nature took care of for me.

The more I looked it I tried to figure out what it resembled….

Then it hit me…

It looks quite similar to the continent of South America

Anyhow, there it is.

I’ve got 2 more small slabs to work with….

I’ll let my imagination get to work on those and we will see what happens 😉


The Stump And The Slab

It’s a weekend without the grandkids.

Which means….

It’s hobby time.

I’ve had a driftwood treestump on my back porch for quite a while.

I didn’t know what to do with it….but I knew I NEEDED IT!

Not long ago, my boss was cleaning out one of his many work areas and came across a

Slab ‘o wood.

He just gave it to me. Said he’d never use it and hoped I would be able to.

The pistons in my brain fired up and I went to work on the stump and the slab.

I figured the only way to go was to build a table.

Who doesn’t like tables?

They are so useful for….stuff and things.


I leveled out the top of the stump.

Sanded down the slab.

And connected the two with heavy duty gate hinges. The kind used on ranches to keep cattle in n stuff.

Then, finished it all off with polyurethane, and tried to get a close as I could to

“Showroom shine”

Here’s the results from 3 angles to show the awesomeness of the stump and the patterns on the slab.

I call this my-

Dragon Coil Table.

It’s not just a table.

It’s my attempt at furniture art, that’s not just functional but also a cool conversation piece.

Discaimer- this wasn’t all done this morning. It’s been a work in progress that got finished this morning. This is a blog post….not a you tube start to finish project in 30 minutes type situation. 😬