If I Wood…Would You

I have picked up a few hobbies over the years. The first is guitars.

My lifelong love of all music has led me into the realm of learning how to play it.

To do that. I needed a guitar…..

Which led to 2..

In my defense. I did need an acoustic AND and electric.

Much to my wife’s dismay it has led to 3 acoustics and 3 electrics. 1 acoustic full size Bluetooth speaker. Guitar spatula and tongs. 3 amps.

I can’t help it. I want them all.

Here is my guitar corner at the house….

My goal is to learn enough to have something to do with my grandkids…

My 4 grandkids. Ages 4,3,2 and almost 10 months. They are a post for another time.

My other obsessive hobby is woodworking.

I’ve worked in construction for over 14 years and have taken a liking to creating things out of wood that is discarded.

The proper term is recycled. So I hear.


I wanted to find a way to combine my two hobbies into one…..

My idea was to create a “Blues Box”

If you play guitar. Especially the blues. you know what the blues box is.

The blues is where it’s at.

Here is how it began-

Yes, the garage is hoarders paradise. Please just focus on the materials.

Various sizes and styles of wood planks. A guitar (the classic keith Urban Les paul edition..which was later shattered by my oldest grandson. Kody the Destroyer), and some clamps and wood glue.

Next. Glue and clamps the pieces for the top together as well as the pieces I used to make a cutout of the guitar with. After drying use a sharpie to outline the guitar.

Next step is to cut out the guitar from the second picture and place it on top of the wood from the first picture, mark it in place, then jigsaw out the guitar from the top and save it for the next project.

Next place guitar 1 into the open slot where guitar 2 was. Glue it in place.

Oh yeah, and cut some crazy shapes around it. Just for looks…

I’m getting winded with all this jumping back n forth from the camera roll and reliving this project. I’m gonna jump to the chase….

After that build the bottom, attached the 2 with some rather large gate clamps. Stain and polyurethane finish and…..


I’m pretty happy with it.

Here it is in its natural environment…

See those in there…nothin but the blues.

Hence…the blues box.

You damn right I got the blues.

From my head down to my shoes.