Couch Trippin’

My Mother is visiting us from the mile high city, and no she does not smoke weed.

Not my Mom…..

There are a lot of Mothers, fathers, young adults and the like who do hit the bong or bask in the blunt (if you will) that live in Colorado and help keep the high in the mile high city she just happens to not be one of them.

And I have heard all about it since she arrived.

Hearing here rant about 4/20 is quite comical.


This is not an older generation view on the pros and cons of the legalization of Mary Jane.

It’s about sleeping arrangements when family comes into town,

We live in a 3 bedroom house. Each room is resided in by members of the 4 people that reside in the 3 bedroom house.

Master bedroom– my wife and I

Bedroom 2- my stepdaughter

Bedroom 3– my stepson.

Simple math tells me that adding another person into the bedroom equation means someone will be real uncomfortable with the sleeping arrangements.

Being the highest ranking male in the family pride makes me the lion king.

Which also means I am the first one kicked out of sleeping in a bed.

I am not sure how I remain King when I whimper in fear every time the ladies tell me to do something, but whatever, I still wear the crown.

For the next 4 days I will be sleeping on the couch……

Oops….sorry honey….I mean “sofa”.

I have made it through night 1.

It’s a sacrifice I am willing to make to keep the rest of the pride happy.

I am no longer the lion king.

I am the sofa king.


Because of the lack of rest I got last night I am…

Sofa king sleepy.