The A May Zing

I wanted add to my-I am the greatest grandparent in the history of grandparentkind!!

So, this evening we took the 3 musketeers (ages 4, 4, and 2) out for pizza.

Then out for handmade ice cream.

Then home for new coloring books and coloring.

I should have a parade in my honor.

That is as long as the parade organizers ignore anything I say about the coloring incident…

It wasn’t my fault….


I had it all planned out.

I even bought myself an adult coloring book.

I’m a man….I ain’t coloring no paw patrol.

I went with this…..

Notice the $3 price tax…


Got it at the dollar store.

You realize….that I could have bought 3 separate things for a dollar, but, I opted to go big and spend ALL three dollars on 1 item.

Pretty amazing, huh.

Yeah…my wife tells me all the time how amazing I am.

Now you see why….

While I basking in my glory I decided I should by crayons as well….for me.

I’m a man, I ain’t sharing no crayons with a bunch of whiny kids.


64 crayons for a buck.

A May Zing.

And that was the start of my downfall without even knowing it.


All crayons are not the same.

And I found that out by losing my collective shit over the fact these crayons break by touching to the page.

My wife says it’s amazing that I’m so comfortable cursing and having a tantrum in front of the boys.

Maybe I’ll hold off on the parade….


The Moments

Life is is full of unforgettable moments.

For me, being a grandparent has brought a lot of them.

It’s too cold to go outside this weekend. The kids and I have been cooped up inside.

We played Power Rangers vs. Zombies or them vs. me….I guess zombies is another word for old.

Movies were watched.

Naps were taken.


Ideas were running thin.

To avoid meltdowns….I had to think of something.

Luckily, they like button pushing…. figuratively and literally..

So, with that in mind. My lightbulb went on.

Here’s a short snippet of the result-

I love those boys.

The Never Empty

Once upon a time there lived a couple named the good2begone’s. They were a happy couple who together raised 2 children.

Those 2 children got into relationships and had children of their own.

A total of 5 children….all under 5 (age and height)

And they all moved out over time, and started lives of their own and began to live out their dreams as independent young adults! Leaving the happy couple, know as their parents, to live out their dream of having an empty nest.


Until a month and a half later

When the end wasn’t the end after all…..

Well it was the end….

Of our empty nest dream.

Through the course of 3 days, our home went from 2 adults 2 dogs


4 adults and 1 infant


5 dogs…..

All under the age of 5 (age and height)

So for all you empty nesters out there….enjoy it while it lasts….

They may leave….but they multiply….and come back…

I do get to see this face every day, though

Happily ever after is still in progress

The Pterodactyl

My grandson is a dinosaur scholar.

At a mere 4 years old he knows more about them than I will ever know.

Last night, he presented me with a gift and a statement.

To me is looks like a ptero chicken platasaurus.

He said to me-

Papi….I want you to have my pterodactyl. He will protect you from monsters. Keep him with you always. You never know when you’ll need it.

Who am I to deny such wisdom?

There it is…over my rear view mirror to protect me on my travels.

Monsters beware…rhe pterachickplatasaurus awaits.

The Adoption Files

My wife and I are in the process of becoming adoptive parents.

It’s quite the process.

From our lawyer, who is also a friend of ours, to my boss and various other individuals we hear the same thing-

“Yall know you’re crazy…..right?”

We just reply with a smile-

“Yeah…we know.”

Here’s a little backstory which brought us into this…..process.

I’m 52 about to be 53. My wife is…..younger than me.

I’m older and wise enough not to reveal a woman’s age….

She has 2 children that together we have raised into adulthood. They have started their own families.

Our son has 3 boys…all under the age of 5, by 2 different baby mammas. He is now single.

Our daughter has had 2 girls. Her first died during childbirth. Terrible tragedy that could have been avoided if the doctors had a lick of sense among them.

Her second is 10 months old. She is about to be divorced.

My wife n I spend a lot of time with our grandkids.

All of our grandchildren are angels….even when they are not.

If you are a grandparent…then you get it.

I never had kids of my own.

I call it “the curse”.

When I was in my early 20’s, a young lady I was dating got pregnant by me.

We decided on abortion.

And it has haunted me ever since.

Even after that, rarely if at all did I use protection.

Therefore, the curse kept me from being a father.

Stupid..I know..but that’s what I believe.

Adoption has always been on my mind.

I come from a family where 3 of my 4 siblings were adopted.

Early ’80’s fashion….glad that’s over. Same with those bowl haircuts.

Anyways…that’s my family from growing up. Once they were adopted they were just my brothers and sister.

So adoption isn’t new to me.

But this process sure is.

Here’s the current state of our process-

My wife and I have a friend whose daughter is 16 and pregnant.

She has college and future ambitions that would not be possible if she were to be raising a child.

The young lady had full intent of having an abortion.

Even went as far as going to the clinic to get it done. But, she couldn’t afford it.

The young lady’s mom had a talk with my wife about it.

My wife, in turn had a talk with her and her daughter, telling them if she would be willing to have the baby, then we would adopt the baby.

She agreed.

That’s where the journey begins.

This blog will now be my sounding board for this process.

The good, bad, joys, frustrations and all the emotions that go along with it.

All leading up the the hopeful endgame of becoming an adoptive parents.

At 52 years old….and my wife being younger than me.

The adoption process through the eyes, words and mind of good2begone.