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The Reality of Dig Dug

I had to work on Saturday. I am quite sure that my wife had other plans….

but I am the man of the house and to pay the bills the dude has to make some sacrifices.

If going to work on a Saturday gets me out of 5 hours of looking for the perfect shoes to match the stunning purse she purchased…then so be it.

I am the man…I make the decisions.

After returning home….11 hours later and exhausted, mind you, my wife had a question for me.

My wife is the blogger named-foreverpaused. She is new to the blog-o-sphere. Please visit her site to tell her how great I am. I am sure she will appreciate hearing that from someone other than me.

Back to the story….

“Honey, are you done for the weekend, or are you planning on living at your job.” She kindly asked

“I’m done. I told them I didn’t want to hear from them until Monday.” I replied

“Yeah…like that’s gonna happen. They will call before the hour is out. What are your plans for tomorrow?”

“They won’t call. They respect my needs for being with my family.” I confidently state.


She looks at me with a curled up lip and crossed arms and said,

“And who might that be?”

I looked at my phone….saw that it was my bosses…silenced the ringer, and looked up at her with a loving smile and said,

“Bill collector……tomorrow I am planning to get up, shower, and sit around and play “Dig Dug” all day.


She smiles big and says,

“Really….I was hoping that is what you wanted to do. I will even watch you as you play!”

“Awesome.” I say unassumingly.

She knows I work hard….and I deserve to play hard. It is always best for her to comply with my wishes.

She knows.

I wake up Sunday.

I take my shower.

I am treated to homemade breakfast of eggs, bacon, and waffles. Butter, syrup, and the large jar of peanut butter sits on the table. Can’t have waffles without peanut butter and syrup…..at least I can’t…..

The King gets served.

As it should be.

After devouring my feast, I say to my wife,

“A dig dugging I must go! Are you ready to watch the arcade greatness that is me, my Queen?” I proudly state.

“Indeed, I am. Put your shoes on and follow me outside.” She says.

“But….but…I gotta play my game….you said I could….” I poutily reply.

“Oh…you will be playing Dig Dug all day. Just follow me.”

I do as I am told. What choice did I have….I mean….she made me breakfast.

I am led to the backyard.

I am handed a shovel.

I am given orders….

“There you go…get to digging….Doug.”
And she laughs.

I say under my breathe, “My name isn’t even Doug…stupid video game…..”

When did video games cross over into real life?

And more importantly….

What happens if I dig up a dragon?