Child Technology Stamina

The wife is out of town. I am in charge of the castle we call home. At least I like to think I am. Ok, so I’m not. The kids are running the asylum. I have made it a point this weekend to let them do as they wish and I will attempt to be involved.

Here is how the rundown of the step father has come to pass.

Friday 5pm

Female child off to stay at a friends house. Just me and the male gender sibling. Just the guys. I CAN DO THIS!!

7:30 pm

Almost gained another teenager after losing one. Crisis averted when said child’s parents were afraid for my safety being left to monitor 2 teenage boys. I CAN DO THIS!!

8 pm

PS3 is brought into the living room…. The room’s normal bright and happy demeanor begins to dim and take on a dungeon feel. I(‘m pretty sure I) CAN DO THIS!

9 pm

The gourmet meal of chili dogs is served and devoured without even pressing pause on the game system.

9 pm and 15 seconds

The game play is heating up. We are ripping through every conceivable war shoot ’em up blood and guts various map head set wearing virtual kill game there is. I CAN DO THIS!

12 am

Bloodshot eyes. Dark room. The smell of chili dog farts lingers like a fog. And the kid keeps going. I can’t do this much longer.

I quit being an active gamer years ago. But I still thought I could outlast a 15 year old without breaking a sweat. I used to party for days without sleeping. Outlasting him should have been easy. I passed the controller to him, hung my head and pouted my way to bed.

4 am

He is still playing. I’m up to go to the bathroom.

8 am

I’m up. Time to be the man no one wants to be when the wife is out of town…..Cinderfella. Dishes, laundry, floors, basic upkeep. The kid is out.

11 am

I have a meeting to go to. I am requested at this meeting for a specific and important purpose. A friend has to be the chairperson and he needs someone to watch his 2 boys. Ages 1 and 3. I CAN DO THIS!

1:30 pm

I am losing my passion for fatherhood with each passing moment. All I want is some me time. But me don’t get no time. Time to pick up the female sibling.
Just do this.


I squeezed in a nap. 23 and 1/2 minutes of bliss.


The gamer has been back at it since 11am. Sunlight and exercise is not an option for him. I keep my promise and don’t bug him about it. The female teen has got me next to her watching NETFLIX. I’m so excited about watching season 1-5 of Scrubs…all the way through…. That I could pee myself. I need an IV drip please. I don’t know anymore.

Make your own dinner. She glued to the ever so funny high jinks in the Sacred Heart Hospital. He is still a virtual killing machine. I’m not even a man anymore. Just a blob who needs human contact.

I have surrendered to the bedroom. They win. This bonding stuff is about to kill me. It’s not the bonding I grew up with but I’m trying to change with the times.

They will hopefully have find memories of the weekend I did things with them that I am not particularly fond of. Video games and TV that is. I do it because I love them. After therapy I might do it again.