And Sometimes “Y”

Friends. We all have them in one form or another. I’m willing to bet that at any given moment we could all name off quite a few of them without a second thought.

For this learning exercise let’s use the alphabet as an example.

I’m pretty sure that we all know at least 26 people that we would consider at the minimum acquaintances.


Of those 26, five are the ones that you can count on to be there for you for whatever reason, at whatever time, no questions asked. They just do because….they care.


We all have that one friend that we can count on as long as they are getting something in return. For example- they will be happy to help you move if you give them gas money or buy them dinner. They would love to go out but they are short on money, if you can spot them they “promise” to pay you back…..they don’t, but every once in a while they are fun to hang out with so you let it go….once again. He/she is a great friend but caution when dealing with them prevails.

They are known as the sometimes “y”.

Think about it…..

If the real vowels are taken away from you, all you have left is “y”.

After the “sometimes a vowel” friend mooches all they can, one question can be asked…


Which happens to be a common word when it is sometimes a vowel.

That concludes our lesson today.

Remember, all the members of the alphabet in your life are important. But it’s hard to make sense of it all without your vowels.