The Grift

A wayward gaze
From bright green eyes

A bite of bottom lip
Audible sighs

Small talk
A glimpse of passion

A whisper in the ear
As she leans in

A promise of
What’s to come

His senses
Unwind and undone

She hand him a key
And sultrily walks away

Along with his wallet
Another victim of her play


The Haunting

Apparitions of the tirade
Shape shift through the mist
Words hurled like sticks n stones
A spector of clenched fists

A haunting of transgressions
On repeat every night
Too scared to let go
Accustomed to the fright

Not enough sage to cleanse
Not a shaman brave enough to banish
Not even in death
Will the poltergeist vanish

A possessed spirit must
Be faced with a stand
To end the nightmarish reign
And sent back to the shadowlands

The Angel’s Game

Don’t put that in your nose
Just say yes sir
Where are your clothes

Turn off the water
Those are on the wrong feet
I don’t know if starfish fart
Ugh..that’s dog poop not a treat

Don’t run in the house
Please sit on the couch
Really…that’s a hat
Don’t do that…ouch

You ready for a nap
No…the tv’s broke
You need a new diaper
I think I’m gonna choke

Your momma is here
It’s time to leave
Of course, he’s been an angel
I would never aim to decieve

The Wisp of Dissipation

Calm is the slow wisp of smoke
That streams after the flint ignites
Frustration is the ash which burns
But holds on despite
Annoyance is within the intake of
The carcinigen of emotion
With all the lungs might
Hold it in
Let the chemical infiltrate the site
Anger is in the chest absorbing the vapor
Attempting to dissipate the uptight
The white billow swirls out the plight
Smash out the but in the overflowing tray
For that brief moment in time
Everything will he alright