The Brewing

Weathering the storm
Between pleasure and pain

Sometimes thunder and lightning
Other times pounding rain

Scratching the surface
Marks fade to unseen

Midnight beckons the dawn
Emotions on constant careen

As the tempest eases its strength
Darker shades of grey soften

The ties that bind loosen
Still dripping with caution

Day breaks the darkness
A chorus of birds ignite the rays

Left alone with fresh coffee
A single rose on display

The Vault

Sifting through the memory bank
Of what was to what is

Deposits and withdrawals
Of what is left to take, nothing left to give

Overdrafts on promises
Checks bounce like an alibi

Looking back through statements
The teller handles the verify

Savings and expenses
Dollars and sense

Swimming with a lone
To not drown in mental debt

The Cycle

The daylight releases its gentle hold
Into the waiting  arms of darkness

The warmth of the rays slowly choked out
By the grip of dusk dragged into emptiness

The flowers hold their breath
Leaves stop in vein

Pedals lose their color
Trees embarking in bane

Creatures of night awaken
To stalk their unaware prey

Howls in the distance
The pack having their say

The wind scurries through valleys
The rivers run without sight

The temperature drops, the darkest dark
Happens just before light

Sweat on the foliage
Sunrise peaks through

Another cycle of time
Brings hope anew

The Hold On

The bridge between pain and relief
Loses strength the longer it takes to cross

I’m letting my emotions run their course
Before I make the walk

It started with the sadness of what will never be
Transformed into anger not at the person but at the situation we didnt foresee

A guarantee of an outcome
A mind that changed with time
At least she made the decision
Before the end of nine

The days will pass
That bridge I’ll cross
The memories will remain

Piece of mind
Must overtake adversity
Acceptance over pain