The Tour de Gone

A buzzard dropped road kill innards on my truck today.

That’s how my Monday started….and that’s life in the country for ya….I mean for me.

He didn’t stop to pick it up either…just flipped me the claw and lazily flew off.

Stupid buzzard.

On the plus side, I received a new follower who has bravely been taking the full tour of my archived posts.

She read, liked, and commented on quite a few.

And has blown the dust off many of my previous writings.

Made me forget about the buzzard incident…

She even came across one from quite a while ago and asked if there were any plans for a sequel or continuation.


I naturally opened my mouth and inserted my foot by replying…

“If you would like one I will do one in your honor.”

I told my wife about it and she found great joy in it. She said…and I quote-

“Finally, someone besides me hates the way you end stories. They just end with no ending!!”

My reply-

“I can’t help it…when my brain says its done…it’s done.”

Well…the story is not done. I will be posting the continuation soon.

The link to the original story (with reader comments and all!!) can be found by pressing “here“.

The fellow blogger who has requested a sequel is

Flowers and Breezes

Please visit her blog as well. I would appreciate it… I am sure she will as well.

Back to the archive room to re read my own post and see where it may lead me.

Hopefully there are no buzzards in there….