Audio Estrogen

As I have stated before, I an a music lover. On any given day I will turn on my Ipod and furiously change music selections on a whim.
Depending in the color of my “mental mood ring” the choice will be made.

-Oingo Boingo
-Sammy Hagar
-Me First and the Gimme Gimmes
-Tab Benoit
-Peter Gabriel
-Marvin Gaye
-Stevie Wonder

I once got an email from Pandora Radio that said, ” Please, we beg of you, give our servers a chance to catch up with you. We are trying to employ the personnel that actually know some of these bands you ask for. Seriously, the Supersuckers?”

My wife, on the other hand, does not have, require , or want the sheer awesomeness of music variety that I must have to sustain existence.

She relies on female empowerment music. That which I like to refer to as-


-Alanis Morrissette
-Aretha Franklin

I am not allowed to complain when “audio estrogen FM” is on. I am not allowed to turn it down. I am not allowed to make crude boobie jokes when it is on. When it is on, she is Xena, Wonder Woman, Mrs. Mom, caretaker of all, excuse giver to no one all wrapped up into one chicktastic power packed package with spiked high heels no man can bring me down attitude.

It’s almost frightening. Sexy…..but frightening.

When it comes on I give her the


she demands. If I am told to make her a sammich, then I comply. If I am asked to make a choice…..then I choose. I may choose from a distance to prevent being squashed by the estrogen hammer….but I choose none the less.

I am a man. Therefore I only know a little. What I do know is that she loves her audio estrogen and needs it to put up with the awesomeness that is me.