The Reluctant Angel-Part 4

They walked down the hallway in silence.

The recently deceased Angel following a few paces behind the Angel who wears the grey suit and the immaculately shined shoes.

As he followed, Angel took in his surroundings and attempt to surmise his whereabouts.

All 4 sides that surrounded him were bathed in a color he couldn’t quite place a palette tone to.

It wasn’t quite white…but wasn’t grey, either.

The lighting came from spaces without fixtures.

He couldn’t call it brilliantly bright….but it wasn’t dimly lit, either.

He looked passed the man he was following and couldn’t tell if the hallway had an end.

He glanced behind him, as he followed, and was surprised to see that he no longer knew where the hallway began.

Angel stopped.

The man in the grey suit continued walking.

Becoming frustrated with the following to seemingly nowhere and into nothing, Angel broke the silence to ask a few questions.

“Are we headed into a bright light that is beckoning to take me beyond the pearly gates of Heaven”

The man in the grey suit slowly came to a stop and turned around…..

But didn’t answer.

“Or…are we headed down this off color white mile to the gates of hell where I will burn for eternity?”

The man in the grey suit cracked the slightest of smiles and plainly replied,

“For someone who adamantly does not believe in either of those scenarios, I am quite surprised at how quickly you believe that you are destined for one….or….the other.”

He paused to let that statement sink in then continued.

“Where we are headed is to what I like to refer to as….my office. I hope you will be content with the temperature, it will neither be hot….nor cold….but adequate for us to converse and…like I said when I introduced myself to you….to get better acquainted, which will help us to decide the placement of your transition.”

Angel cautiously replied,

“My transition into….what?”

The slight smile on the face of the man in the grey suit widened just a touch before he answered,

“The who, what, where, when…and most importantly the why of our relationship will be answered…..”

He paused and took out his pocket watch, clicked it open and turned the face toward Angel and then finished his statement,

“in due time.”

He then clicked it closed and made a motion with his arm to follow him to the right.

Angel followed his eyes with the motion of the arm of the man he followed.

An opening in the wall appeared, revealing a room with 2 chairs.

“Please, after you.” The man in the grey suit requested.

Angel walked through the opening.

The man in the grey suit and the immaculately shined shoes followed.

“Please, have seat, young man. Although, The vehicles I choose to cover the mode of my transportation are quite comfortable….resting them allows me to recharge not only my appendages but to enjoy the peace that surrounds us.”

He sat in the other.

Angel took the seat that was offered and sat, looking very rigid and uncomfortable in the comfortable chair.

The man in the grey suit noticed and made a blunt suggestion.

“You are not in a coffin, Mr. Davis. Close your eyes for a moment and let the peace relax your rigidity. This meeting is of great importance to both of us and a great many more….denying the peace access to your senses will ultimately decide your transition and we will be finished before we even have had a chance to begin.”

Angel recognized the honest yet stern urgency in the man’s tone.

He did not speak a word. He only took in a deep breathe, relaxed his shoulders and let the peace return.

The man in the grey suit watched as Angel’s fearful and guarded stance broke.

It was slowly replaced by a calm.

Angel opened his eyes and got a bit more comfortable by using the armrests and slouching down a bit.

“That’s better. Now…before I answer any of the number of questions and inquiries you must have….I must take the time to inform you about not only my past and how I came to be but how this realm works and it’s relevance to your situation….. I guess it would behoove me to start at what I know to be the beginning for that is where most stories begin….”


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