The Act of Balance

Nothing is what it seems
Emotions while balancing
On the high beam

I  N  E  D
N  U  N O

Over fact
The truth is in the I’s
Full length mirror cracked

Back against the wall
Alone in a crowd
Would anybody hear
Over noise that abounds


The Hold On

The bridge between pain and relief
Loses strength the longer it takes to cross

I’m letting my emotions run their course
Before I make the walk

It started with the sadness of what will never be
Transformed into anger not at the person but at the situation we didnt foresee

A guarantee of an outcome
A mind that changed with time
At least she made the decision
Before the end of nine

The days will pass
That bridge I’ll cross
The memories will remain

Piece of mind
Must overtake adversity
Acceptance over pain

Mental Midway

I have been a member of the blogging community for a few short weeks. Each time I log in I am transported to another place. A traveling carnival of gypsies complete with a mental midway.
The journey has no dollar amount placed upon it. But there is a price to be paid.
As you venture into the various realms of possibilities your senses will be tripped beyond imagination without a word being spoken by human lips. The voice box has been replaced by a keyboard. The gypsy will spin tales of truth, fantasy, art, drama, talents and deficiencies for all to come to gaze into the soul of the publisher….one finger stroke at a time.

“Come one, come all into the world of your own imagination! Witness what is under the skin of the humanity you only THINK you know!!”

You may find approval, where before entering the big top you had none. Beware….you may be followed and your cranial extractions shared for other followers to digest and dissect. Fear not my fellow gypsies, you just might get piece of mind, personal serenity, self satisfaction or release from the troubling world that surrounds you.
The carnival is always traveling but is only a click away. It may close when you leave to return your own reality, but will always be open when you want to find others who may be searching the mental midway to fill or empty their soul.
The blogosphere has what need before you you even knew you needed it. Your price will be measured in time. It only matters how much of it you wish to spend to satisfy your mental desires.

“Come one, come all! For sights you can only see with your mind! The written word of gypsy storytellers awaits you. Watch us open our hearts for whomever to see! And then stay so we can see yours! Step right up! Step right up!”