Punch Drunk

Daily prompt- power

I’m not much for superpowers. Life is already a comic book as it is without adding special abilities.

But since the Daily Post is requesting to choose one…I chose the ability to travel through time.

I would only use it once then banish the power to the attic with rest of my comic book imaginary superpowers.

I would travel back in time to the era of big hair and hair metal.

When I was just out of high school and into drinking heavily on a daily basis.

I would head back to El Paso, Texas….circa summer 1988.

I would find myself at approximately 4 a.m. on any given day during that frame…passed out on my apartment bathroom floor….driving the porcelain bus.

I would kick myself awake and force me to stand up so I could have a few words with myself.

After my glossy eyed, alcohol reeking self got up and looked me in the eyes. I would wait for the recognition of me (plus 26 years) to kick the senses into temporary sobriety.

Then, I would look at me calmly and say,

“I’m am here to atone for me being a screw up for the next 18 years of my life. I won’t change it….but this will make me feel better about doing it.”

I would smile reassuringly at myself and pat myself on the shoulder.

Then, reel my right arm back, my right hand balled into a fist, and punch myself square in the face.

I would look at unconscious self on the floor, sigh, then go to the front closet and take the Van Halen OU812 tour shirt that was left there when I got kicked out of said apartment before my lease was up.

And head back to 2013.

Sometimes you gotta finish what you started.