Remembering Dad


Twelve years ago my father passed away. I held his hand as his last breath left his body. His body was devastated by the Cancer which shortened his life. Although the disease diminished his muscular features and left him with nearly skin and bones, it never once chipped away at his love for his wife and 5 children.

He allowed us all to make mistakes. He let us fall. But was there to pick us up. He taught us manners, respect for all people regardless of race or gender. He wanted us to love our families and fight to stay in touch no matter how many miles were left in between.

12 years have gone by. Not 1 single day during that timespan has passed that I have not thought about him and the things I learned from him.

There were things I should have said before he passed on. Amends that should have been made. I should have been sober when I came to my Mom’s aid that night before he died. I was selfish in my grief and selfish in his passing. But I was there to say I love you before he was gone.

I can’t change those final hours that sometimes cross my mind. I can only do my best to do as he asked before he moved on.

I still miss you Dad.
I still love you.