The No Brainer

If you have ever lost your mind…check eBay…you just might find it being auctioned off.

Here is a story out of the great city of Indianapolis, courtesy of USA Today-

Police: Man stole brains, sold them on eBay

Bill McCleery, The Indianapolis Star

Authorities say David Charles, a 21-year-old Indianapolis resident, is accused of breaking into the Indiana Medical History Museum multiple times last year and stealing jars of human brain tissue and other preserved material. A tipster who paid hundreds of dollars on the online auction site helped bring the organ entrepreneurism to an end.
A San Diego man who had bought six jars of human brain tissue off eBay for $600, plus $70 shipping, called the museum after noticing labels on the containers and suspecting some kind of skulduggery, according to court documents.
The museum’s executive director expressed dismay that anyone would steal the museum’s artifacts. The organ tissues come from about 2,000 patients whose remains were autopsied from about the 1890s through the 1940s.
Charles faces charges of theft, marijuana possession and paraphernalia possession, according to court documents. Investigators also are looking into the possibility of additional charges, said A.J. Deer, a spokesman for the Marion County prosecutor’s office.
The museum director, who is grateful that much of the stolen material has been returned, said she spoke to the San Diego man who paid $670 on eBay for human brain tissue.
“He just said he liked to collect odd things,” she said.

My faith in humanity has dwindled just a bit more after reading this.


I mean…seriously…’s ok to buy brains off eBay…it’s just not ok to buy STOLEN brains off eBay?

What category are brains listed under anyway?

Under skull apparel?
Spinal cord attachments?
Intelligence enhancers?

And….what’s up with the guy who was buying the brains?

He was just let off the hook because he likes….odd things?

Uggh it should be a no brainer…if you need one…you don’t go to eBay…you go to a head shop.