The Coffee Break

Lipstick on the rim

Stains in the cup

Decision brewed by lust

Explanation won’t add up

Clouded by pheromones

In the dead of night

Cream and sugar misused

None for the break of light

Aroma of bitter truth

Rises above the ruffled sheet

Java caffeine’s the anxiety

In the aftermath of the indiscreet 


The Body Language

Someday, after a while
The realization will appear

Arms were meant to hold
Not to cross and create fear

Hands were meant to feel
Not to clench and strike the dear

Legs were meant to stand
Not to run and disappear

Feet were meant to balance
Not to commandeer

After a while

The realization
Will appear

Image by good2begone

The Photo

Illumination of thought, gazing
Through a time worn pane

Picture perfect memories
Cracks in the glass within the frame

Smiles dont seem as genuine
Distance in the eyes

Captured embrace seemed so real
Is now infused with whys

The gaze wanders searchingly
For truth amongst the lies

Hoping for a reason to stay
Although knowing its goodbye


Image from Pinterest