Covered on Sunday-Get….Get Funky

Few artists have the bravo to come onto the scene, kicking in the doors of a genre that…by looks…they would never fit into.

And then came “The Beastie Boys”.

Originally a punk band…true…that made noise with an self released album named “Cooky Puss”.

They grasped hold of the hip hop scene with their huge album “License To Ill”, which when released had no images of the band.

They let the music do the talking.

The rest is music history.

For this week, I chose my favorite Beastie track off their album “Paul’s Boutique”. It brings the funk and pays homage to none other than “Saturday Night Fever” and the disco era.

The cover is quite entertaining as well. 2 guys, 1 guitar, a bucket and a cowbell.

Ain’t it funky, now!

The Beastie Boys… have been covered on Sunday.


Covered On Sunday-Spinning Ukelele’s

It’s the classic tale of boy meets girl, boy is too nerdy to go after girl, other nerdy boy is actually superhero who gets girl while wearing spandex and a cape but can’t tell girl he really needs corrective eye surgery without the cape.

Ahh…the trials of comic book love. Not much different from real life. Except in real life, there are more Jimmy Olsen’s then their are Supermen.

The ones who dream of getting the girl and concoct elaborate plans to get the girl by jinxing the guy in the cape who the girl is falling for.

Jimmy Olsen gots da blues.

He also has a pocket full of kryptonite to get rid of the guy that the girl he believes should be his is drooling over.

Still confused?

You won’t be after watching this-

The Spin Doctors- “Jimmy Olsen’s Blues”

There is really only one way to cover a song about a fictional beloved superhero and the dual life he leads to be able to remain fictional….and beloved….

People in costume masks and Hawaiian shirts playing ukelele’s.

The joy in writing that sentence made me pee myself a little.

Here is my dream come true.

The Southeast Ukers jamming at Galactic Quest Comics & Games covering- “Jimmy Olsen’s Blues”.

Spin Doctors… have been covered on Sunday.

Covered On Sunday

The combination of stormy weather and the day before a holiday has got me thinking of creating a blog feature….featuring music.

I already have one I like to call Blues Thursday, the concept is simple-

1- It has to be Thursday
2- It’s gotta be the blues

(Too many rules and regulations make good2begone sure to be confused)

When I am positive that those 2 rules I have been met, I choose one blues song and post it.

Type in “Blues Thursday” into the search thingie and there it will be.

My newest feature…..not really a feature but an escape from real introspective writing….will be something in the realm of what this post is titled.

(See top of post)

I had to make new rules for this one-

1- It has to be Sunday
2- It has to be a song “covered” by an artist who is not the original artist who created the song.

The premiere post will be a cover of the song

Royals” by Lorde

Most know the song and are already sick of hearing it.

I still like the song, I’m just not too sure about the seizure hiccup thing she does while she is performing.


My wife and I found this version. It was created by an Arabian guy named Alaa Wardi.

It is quite entertaining. It’s a one man beatbox no instrument all talent version of the popular song.


Lorde ….you have been covered on Sunday.