Bouquets In The Attic

I have been home from week 1 of “project attic restoration” for about 3 days. It took me more than 24 hours to garner the strength to to anything more than this….

That is the interpretation of my view.

A blank screen.

The light at the top, is the sun trying to break through the darkness, that remains of my soul, after getting the full picture of the task at hand for said project.

The light at the bottom middle is my head…..

Exploding from the full picture of the task at hand for said project.

What started out as constructing a bedroom up in the attic….and a staircase to reach the bedroom up in the attic….has blossomed into much more than mere flowers in the attic.

The owners of this upstairs garden of dreams have decided to expand the project and add a few more roses to our bouquet.

Rose #1-the media room

From this-

They want this-

Rose #2-

From this-

They want this-

That and that along with the previous this and that of the bedroom and the stairs from that previous post that can be uprooted by pressing “this” represents the full picture of the current state of the attic project.

We have returned home for a week to allow the plumbers, electricians, internet and phone providers, insulation dudes, farmers and soil technicians time to do what they have to do….so we can return to do what we have to do, in order, to get their flowers into their attic.

It’s gonna take more than a few green thumbs to do this do.