The Fundraiser, The Federal Marshall, and The Left Behind Beer

The Fundraiser

Last night, we held a fundraiser for a dear friend of ours called The “Angels for Britney”. For background information on her and her journey to recovery from 2 strokes at the age of 24, please visit these posts that I have written about her-

(Re)learning to Walk
(Re)learning to walk 2

It is hard to gauge how much a community cares for its residents…..until someone is in need. For the past 2 weeks, arrangements have been made to attempt to gain community support to help a family in need.

Web page
Tv spots
Radio coverage
Newspaper coverage
Word of mouth

By event time there were donations of food from Major disrtibutors, items to auction and raffle, a venue to hold the event in and a live band.

The Mayor of the community showed up and gave a speech.

Britney’s husband, Matt, and their 2 boys showed up to thank everyone for their support and to give an update on her condition.

By the end of the night everyone was tired and overwhelmed by the awesome outpouring of support.

Britney's Angels
Britney’s 2 Angels were exhausted!

The Federal Marshall

Featuring a live band at the fundraiser meant that alcohol would be present. With alcohol being present, a police presence was also necessary.

Live music and beer are like rodeo and boots in Texas….one does not occur without the other.

One of the organizers has a relative that is a federal Marshall. He donated his time to the effort, along with 1 member of the 3 member small town police force.

The majority of the organizers for this event are alcoholics in recovery. In order to distinguish “us” from “them”, we wore t-shirts that stated-

“Do not offer me alcohol, because I am an alcoholic….and that would be bad.”

ok….so that is a lie.

As I am standing in the back of the room with my freshly shaven head and arm tattoos a blazing, a man strikes up a conversation with me.

Him-“Is that your local police presence?”

Me-” Yeah, there is supposed to be a federal marshall here too, but he must be a ninja federal marshall or something….that bastard has not been seen anywhere.’

Him-‘”Really, that’s pretty cool… You all don’t know what he looks like?”

Me-“Nope. I suspect a Tommy Lee Jones type with a cowboy hat and a scowl…”

tommy lee jones

He sticks ou his hand for me to shake and with a chuckle and says,

“We haven’t met yet….you are?”

I shake his hand and reply,

“Good2begone, and you”

“I’m the federal marshall…nice to meet you.’ and he pulls out his badge.

The Left Behind Beer

This event was my first opportunity, in a long while, to listen to live music and observe the consumption of alcohol in its natural habitat.

I was giddy with anticipation.

The deal was-

$5 cover

$10 charge per cooler containing alcoholic beverages.

When I used to drink, a cooler meant filling up the bed of the truck with ice and beer. I was hoping for a drunkfest of country music, fights, table dancing and police backup!

I didnt get it…..

What I got was respectable drinkers who brought small to regular size coolers….. and someone left behind a 12 pack case with 9 chilled beers still in it….


I was literally running around bitching about it and showing the left behind beer to all my other non drinking friends. We all circled around it and gazed upon the dew dropplets as they were dripping off the sides of the cans like it was the Holy Grail.


I ended up giving it to the band as they were cleaning up.

I hope they will write a song about it.