My Drink of Choice

Wisdom comes from failure and experience. At least that is my belief. As I have grown older, my failures have taught me that my drinking habits has to change. I used to have the motto-

“Try everything once…..sometimes repeatedly just to be sure I don’t have a taste for it.”

How times have changed…..

With all the choices in drink that line the shelves I have limited myself to 1.

I have a bottle in my truck.

I have a bottle in my kitchen.

I keep one stashed in the back of the medicine cabinet.

I even have one next to my bed… In case I need a shot in the middle of the night.

“From there to here, from here to there, those funny things are everywhere.”

It’s not Black Velvet

It’s not Johnny Walker Red, Black or Blue

It’s not Grey Goose

The color is distinct and is surely a tell.
It comes with a shot glass to make me feel well.
It eases the heartburn and helps calm my nerves.
It keeps my stomach from throwing a curve.

I will reveal the name
Although I’m sure you must know
Pepto Bismol is my cure
For my daily woes.




The Chicken Joke

Why did the chicken stay in the middle of the road?

Because on one side the road stood his right to free speech. Where he could go and cluck about what he wanted, when he wanted and how he wanted. It seemed like the clucktastic place to be. But on the other side of the road stood his beliefs where all should be equal. But some of his chick friends are all up in wings about the other side. So, he chose to stay in the middle of the road where eventually he was run over by an 18 wheeler, filled with beef jerky, driven by the late, great Randy “Macho Man” Savage, who screamed as the beak met the pavement-



Just as ridiculous as real life.