The Mystery Package

My wife received a package this morning.

It was to the right address.


Labeled with her maiden name, which she changed when we married 1000 years ago.

Inside the box from the company that decides what the color brown can do for you was-

A retail value of $1500 virtual reality headset device thingie.

I told her that I have enough issues with actual reality to be venturing into not reality.

She didn’t order it….

It just virtually showed up.

She’s gonna do some emails and phone calls and try to figure things out.

I don’t want the virtual mail police to come knocking on the headset lenses to take us to virtual jail for an obvious mistake.

I have enough problems with the dream police that live inside of my head…

Live inside of my head!


Due Date n Extras

Been working 10-12 hour days for the last 2 weeks without a day off in this wonderful Texas heat.


I’ve got a few minutes for a update on the adoption files.

Adoption status is still the same.

We do have a due date of around December 3rd.

The young lady will be having a girl.


And we have a name for the baby girl that the young lady is hoping for us to adopt on or around December 3rd…

Backstory first.

I’ve always liked the name Zander.

Not sure why…

Partially it’s because I have always been a fan of Cheap Trick, whose lead singer is

Robin Zander.

But. Naming a female child after a male rock singer is….something.

The ladies want the child to have 3 names.

So I improvised their request with my idea and came up with-

Alex Zandria Anne

The Anne is in honor of my Mom who adopted 3 children to raise as her own.

To me, to honor her is appropriate.

The wait continues…

But as we wait, here is one of my favorite Cheap Trick songs-

Now….back to work…..I’m burning daylight!!