The Spot I Fy

I listen to a lot of music.

Now I have a way to justify that statement.

Spotify gives me a rundown of the year of listening.

That be mucho minutes.

It works out to about 9 hours a day….

Every day….

For 365 days a year.

I was kind of surprised with the Buddhist chant music as the number 1, but I’ve been working fairly diligently on my inner peace.

I listened to 2611 different artists within 101 different genres.

I listened to more music than 97% of the platform users in the United States.

Top 3%. That puts me on the medal platform…..

“All I do is win”

First place on the platform will be mine….even she can sense it!

Next year I’m coming for that 1st place envelope… better strap those pink rain boots on tight and be ready for my symphony of victory….