Confessions of a Closet Monster

September 2, 2012-4 am

Dear Diary,

Being a closet monster ain’t like it used to be. I’m giving serious thought to trimming my claws and sending my scare tactics out to pasture. I remember when I started out on this journey, straight out of the Fear Academy, the future was bright for we, the bringers of the fear…… By bright, I mean we were given all the tools we needed to scare the piss out of adolescents the world over. Sometimes by just making the closet door eerily, slowly squeak open. Simple yet quite effective. When that ceased to get the little brats hair to stand on end, the claws on the side of the doorway and a peeking of glowing eye sockets got their urine flowing unexpectedly. My dead heart would get great joy from the aromatic whiff of freshly stained bed sheets.

Sadly times have changed. The kids have changed. The Fear Academy had its doors shut long ago. My species is dying out. When children cease to be afraid….we cease to be relevant and disappear.

Once they became more afraid to go to school, church or even to those picture shows…we became irrelevant.

Fear in the mind of imagination is no longer scary. It is the fear of the daily reality in their world that has brought fear that I, for one, cannot compete with.

Kids killing kids. Guns are more real that I have ever been. I have become afraid to creep out of the closet. In fear that I may be a victim of their rage…..

A scared closet monster. That is the reality of my existence. My soon to be extinct existence.

If I am too scared to be scary, then I have become a monster to my own profession.

Of course, I keep these thoughts to myself. The few of my kind that are left need to keep strong. Somewhere out there, beyond the closet door, there is a child who believes that it is safe to turn off the lights after their parents have tucked them into bed.

It is that simple premise that baits me to keep my claws sharp and my tactics fresh.