Spaced Out

I seem to blog about my stepson quite a lot, because he is at the age where questionable decisions are the norm.

I know a lot about teenage boy questionable decisions.

I used to make them.

And got quite upset when my decisions were questioned.

Today, I choose to pick on my stepdaughter.

She is not only about to complete her first year in high school, but is also about to enter her 16th year….

As a blonde.

I know…I know…blonde jokes are over done and get overplayed more than Bowie’s “Space Oddity”

I just can’t help but share just how blonde she is becoming.

In English class, she was asked to write an essay on how space travel has advanced since the first moon landing.

It was supposed to be typed and double spaced.

Here is a written dramatization of what she wrote.

(The real essay was deleted before I could snap a picture)

The (space space) space (space space) program (space space) has dramatically (space space) changed (space space) since (space space) the (space space) first (space space) moon (space space) landing (space space) in (space space) 1969 (space space).

Get the picture.

Each word double spaced.

500 word essay….

1000 spaces.

Ground Control to step daughter
Ground control to step daughter
Take you protein pills and
Put your helmet on.