The Cabinet Makeover

For some D.I.Y. stands for “Does Involve Yelling” and not it’s intended moniker of “Do It Yourself”.


When you think about it, any project taken on usually involves raised voices of some kind.

I’m sure we have all had some sort of disaster that has occurred when trying to complete a task for the first time.

Pinterest can’t  make artists out of all of us…..


And who doesn’t want to create origami sculptures sure to impress….


Origami….na zo good.

My wife and I take on some DIY projects from now and then.

It’s something we enjoy and we can do it together.

We just recently finished refurbishing a wardrobe cabinet.

We magically turned it into a kitchen storage cabinet.

We paid $37.50 for the cabinet at an antique shop here in the sticks.

I don’t know about anyone else thinks but basically an antique shop is a yard sale encased between 4 walls.

It comes down to buying what someone else wants to get rid of.

I’m cool with that.

It was pretty rickety……the cabinet….not me.

But, we had grand ideas for it.

Initially we hit up the Home Depot and bought shelving, stain, clear coat and nails…..

“Home Depot – you can do it….now pay for your crap and get out.”

And had already spent more than we paid for it.

That upset me…Cuz I’m a cheapskate.

We took the cabinet shelving back… its an old cabinet…..why put new shelves?

I went to work the next day, where I am remodeling a house. I took off the siding from the house a few weeks ago.
The siding was put up in the ’70’s.

It’s old.

But it’s solid wood and was in tremendous shape.

Old cabinet…..old shelves…

And bingo was his name….OH

I lined the inside of the cabinet with the siding to strengthen it up. Put 2 upper shelves and one shelf that opens like a trunk door, in order to store our larger cookware stuff and things.

What once was old and neglected is now functional and brings new life to our kitchen.

Here is the start to finish collage of our creation.


All that done for under $70.

And the only yelling involved occurred when I smacked myself in the head when the door snuck open while I was staining underneath it.

Maybe, it should stand for-

Don’t Injure Yourself….


Throwaway Treasure

Out with the old…

No seriously just get rid of it.

I hear this a lot in the remodeling business.

The idea of remodeling is to upgrade.

I get that.


Sending some of the original charm to the landfill just doesn’t sit right with me.

So I take…what is thrown away and make it useable again.

We are currently remodeling a place that was probably originally built in the ’50’s.

When I say remodeling, I really mean gutting the entire place down to the bare studs and starting over.

During the gutting process, I came across this door. It’s only 24 inches wide, solid wood, and is…awesome!

The customer wanted it gone. It’s “good” that she wanted it “2begone“.

I took it from its destination amongst common garbage and gave it new life.

As a display table in our den.


I didn’t “change” anything.

The old doorknob and skeleton key insert are still there. The hinges are still there.

All the scratches, dings, and discoloration that have been there for years are still there.


All I did was clean it with wood cleaner…..

And nailed it to and end table I found at an antique place, which was a whopping $20.

Currently on display on the table are framed photos I have taken and used on this blog.

Yeah…I keep those too.

All I ask, is next time you think you need to get rid of the old…..

Try to think of some way to make it new to you again.

History is for treasuring not for trashing.