I Forget To Remember….So I Go Back To Move Forward

I have blogged about a lot of stuff.

To keep myself from repeating repeating myself (see what I did there?) I have to revisit the past.


To the Batcave!!

To anyone who is new to my “humble space of words”, there may be some posts that are so far hidden in the archive chamber that they are missed or lost. I hate to leave you out of the fruit loops.

Here are a list of a few that I had the most fun sharing-

Toopid Moose– a fiction story that rattled in my head for a few days. It started with only those two words.

Q Without the A– My stepson and his unanswerable questions

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The King of Fashion Advice– My stepdaughter asking me for fashion tips for the first and quite possibly the last time….

The Triangle Buffoon-My first venture into instrument playing greatness

Audio Estrogen– My wife and her music

Soulhat-the origin of of the blog name

Ahh…memory lane. I revisited….I relaughed…I think I peed myself a little…


The (real) Petty File

I published a post earlier today called “The Petty File”. Since publishing it, I realized there was something that wasn’t right about it. It was all true….just off.

Here I sit many hours later and I know why. I am in a state of pettiness that is beyond normal pettiness. I am on the continent of Pettiness and I am the ruler.

Backstory begins in 3…..2…..1….now

July 15th is my birthday. I am not of fan of my birthday being celebrated.


I am now 43. It is not one of those ages that requires a lot of hoopla. I’m way past all that. It’s just another day. I gladly accept wishes from my wife and step kids, immediate family and co workers. Beyond that…..Bah.

Petty, huh? Wait for it….it gets worse.

This year I devised a plan to avoid any other wishes on my birthday being given. Quite the brilliant one, if you ask me. Kind of in the Evil Scientist type of way.

I erased my birthdate from Facebook two weeks before my birthday came around.

One of many voices in my head spoke to me and said, “Me, you want to find out if any of your Facebook “friends” are really friends? Erase the date and find out.”

I thought, “That’s a great idea, Me!”

The theory being, if they were truly friends they would remember the date that I have been wished Happy Birthday on for the last 4 years I have been on Facebook.

When I followed through with my master plan, I cackled an evil scientist laugh and went about my day.

The day is here and is almost gone.

The results are in-

Birthday wishes from Facebook- 0
Birthday wishes from 3 brothers- 0
Birthday wishes from 1 sister- 0
Birthday wishes from Mom- 1

To my Mother’s credit she is the “Rain Woman” of birthday’s. She knows them all and still sends cards, $5, and calls.

Apparently, Facebook is good for being the Birthday Memory Bank of the world.

I felt like the male version of Molly Ringwald in the John Hughes movie “16 Candles”. No one remembered my birthday. Not even my own family.

I devised a plan. I followed through with the plan. It worked as it should have worked…….and I’m pissed off that it worked.

To make myself feel better I feel I must put my birthdate back onto my Timeline just after midnight. Then wait for tomorrow morning and lay a hate ridden post about all the “friends” I have that forgot my birthday.

I will then return to my throne as King of the continent of Pettiness and wait for my minions to beg for forgiveness.

Or I could just do nothing and make a conservative effort to put my pettiness aside and try not to be such a selfish fool.

The Petty File

I am petty. I am not Tom Petty. I am not Richard Petty. I do not reside in Pettycoat Junction. There are small annoyances in my life. When they occur, rather than point them out, I let them boil in my head until I feel like punching a puppy.

I will now point some out to save a puppy from harm.

-finding enough lint in the lint tray of the dryer to knit a turtleneck lint sweater.

-having to dry a load of clothes twice because the before mentioned lint tray has not been emptied.

-having to be a laundry nazi.

– driving behind someone who turns right 10 miles after their blinker is turned on.

-seeing the leave a penny/take a penny tray at the convenience store that has a dime in it.

– “donut” spare tires