The Show Me State

The road of good intentions is riddled with alleys and byways that lead to distractions.

I’m a show me dont tell me kind of person.

I’m also a pessimist.

My wife told me last friday she was going to start drinking alcohol again.

She showed me.

For the last week she has drank progressively more each day and started earlier each day.

Last night as I was 3/4 asleep she told me-

“I’m going to finish this bottle of wine and then I’m done drinking”

Show me….dont tell me.

Why the sudden change?

Not sure.

Could be the aid of friends talking with her about it…

Could be she probably wont have a job after today…

Could be the fact that I got angry with her.

Why did I get angry?

Thursdays we have the opportunity to spend a few hours with our grandkids.

My son drives into town, picks them up and brings them over.

When I got home from work, I asked if they were coming over.

She said slurringly that they were on the way.

She was drunk.

I told her to go to the bedroom and lock the door. I didnt want the grandkids to see her like that.

I then called my son. He declined to bring them to the house.

I’m proud of him.

My wife said she didn’t plan on getting drunk…..

She showed me that 2 1/2 bottles of wine between 1 and 5 will in fact ensure that she was drunk.

She also showed me that getting drunk was more important than spending time with her son and grandkids.

Show me dont tell me that I’m 2rong in my assessment.

We will see what happens.


The Signs

What constitutes a drinking “problem”?

Umm…you drink too much?

That’s the easy “go to” answer. But…is it really that simple?

Since I have laid off the sauce for a few years now, I have been able to look back into my past to see if there were any warning signs that should have tipped me off to whether or not I had a drinking problem or not.

You decide-

-more bar tabs to pay than general bills to pay

-bar tabs in 2 countries

– 2 bedroom 2 bath apartment where one bath was utilized as a beer cooler.

-stop drinking at 5 am… at 6 am

– lost a car due to drinking…not repossessed…LOST. I forgot where I parked it. Never found it by the way.

-drove into a house…while drinking

-got banned from Mexico

– drove a car, with no brakes, 16 miles to get the bartender to work on time and to get free drinks.

-used to shake bottles of beer and snort them through my nose…because drinking them just wasn’t fun enough.

-was escorted out of a major metropolitan city and driven 700 miles away because “my peeps” were tired of my drinking escapades

-drove 45 miles in a blackout. Rewarded myself with drinking after coming to.

– drank 23 shots of tequila in 35 minutes….woke up covered in vomit on a jail floor in Mexico


I think I hit the trifecta.

If it wasn’t for alcohol, Mexico, and driving I might have been eligible for sainthood.


Maybe he could have saved me….

Nah, he only saves Will Robinson.