Covered On Sunday

The combination of stormy weather and the day before a holiday has got me thinking of creating a blog feature….featuring music.

I already have one I like to call Blues Thursday, the concept is simple-

1- It has to be Thursday
2- It’s gotta be the blues

(Too many rules and regulations make good2begone sure to be confused)

When I am positive that those 2 rules I have been met, I choose one blues song and post it.

Type in “Blues Thursday” into the search thingie and there it will be.

My newest feature…..not really a feature but an escape from real introspective writing….will be something in the realm of what this post is titled.

(See top of post)

I had to make new rules for this one-

1- It has to be Sunday
2- It has to be a song “covered” by an artist who is not the original artist who created the song.

The premiere post will be a cover of the song

Royals” by Lorde

Most know the song and are already sick of hearing it.

I still like the song, I’m just not too sure about the seizure hiccup thing she does while she is performing.


My wife and I found this version. It was created by an Arabian guy named Alaa Wardi.

It is quite entertaining. It’s a one man beatbox no instrument all talent version of the popular song.


Lorde ….you have been covered on Sunday.