The Q In Need Of An A

Does the human advancement of technology take us farther away from what makes us….human?

Serious question.

I am fortunate enough to follow and am followed by bloggers from all over the world, who come from different backgrounds and have their own perspectives on their world and the world that surrounds them.

Which is why I enjoy following.


I started the conversation…I would like to know opinions, thoughts, ideas…anything on the question.

Just leave a comment please. Any piece of enlightenment or spark of knowledge would be appreciated.


3 thoughts on “The Q In Need Of An A

    • Awesome view and I agree. I wonder about the communication aspect. Our reliance on the screen to decipher the human emotion. Example-why all caps…are they mad? Too many texts…are you stalking me.Not enough texts….do you not like on and so on. Technology does change everything.

      Thank you for responding!

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